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Jun 28

Imagine the possibility of restoring your damaged or esthetically unappealing tooth in one day! With CEREC dentistry, this is now a reality. Thanks to 3D imaging and CAD/CAM technology, dental offices like Mark A. Wong, DDS Family Dentistry, can prepare, fabricate, and place your crowns in one visit! If you are in Walnut Creek, California, […]

Mar 22

Do you have alignment issues with your teeth? If so, you probably know plenty of treatment options are available, including teeth correction braces. However, did you know there are invisible ways to straighten teeth in Walnut Creek, California? At Mark A. Wong, DDS Family Dentistry, we are happy to discuss all treatment options, including the […]

Feb 17

Dental sedation is one way to make dental work easier on the patient. Maybe they are anxious and need to be relaxed. Or the patient may have an appointment that involves particularly long or multiple procedures that make sitting in the chair for a long time uncomfortable. Whatever the case, Dr. Mark Wong at Mark […]

Dec 15

Your smile is the part of your face that attracts the most attention. This is why imperfections in one’s smile, such as gaps and chipped teeth, seem magnified. Other issues, such as stained, broken, and misshapen teeth, can also harm the quality of a smile, leading to serious self-esteem issues. Thankfully, at Mark A. Wong, […]

Nov 14

Gradually, your teeth might get damaged for a variety of reasons. For example, you might be involved in a traumatic accident that causes a chip or crack in your tooth. Or you might develop tooth decay as a result of your diet or genetics. Porcelain crowns for teeth can be an effective treatment option for […]

Nov 14

It can be frustrating if your teeth are not as white as they once were, but there are plenty of treatment options available. You might be thinking about choosing an over-the-counter option, but it is always better to rely on a professional who can whiten your teeth. What are your options for natural teeth whitening […]

Oct 05

Many people in Walnut Creek suffer from dental anxiety or phobia, and this problem is more common than you may realize. Dr. Mark Wong and his team understand the importance of comfort when receiving dental care, and we have solutions that will help you feel relaxed and safe as you have your dental procedures done. […]

Oct 05

Residents of Walnut Creek, California, know the value of a beautiful smile. With a nice smile, you greet the world with the best version of yourself, and a beautiful smile increases your self-confidence. Self-confident people are more approachable and more likely to be successful. Some of us will need to replace decaying or missing teeth […]

Jul 06

Do you have dental phobia? Does the thought of seeing a dentist fill you with dread or anxiety? We understand what you’re going through at Mark A. Wong Family Dentistry, Walnut Creek, California. With the help of conscious sedation dentistry, Dr. Mark Wong can make your dental visits a positive and productive experience. Now you […]

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