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In the past, having a cavity present in the smile meant having a dark, metal filling placed that stood out from the rest of the smile. This type of filling, called a silver amalgam filling, is not the most desirable option for many of the patients who visit Dr. Mark A. Wong. Instead, patients want a more aesthetic solution that is also effective at filling a cavity. Therefore, our team in Walnut Creek, California will suggest the use of a white dental filling, or “composite filling.”

How are white dental fillings different than silver amalgam fillings?

First and foremost, composite resin fillings are more aesthetic and can be difficult to determine against natural tooth enamel. Filling a cavity is done in a single appointment, and the results look fabulous! Additionally, these fillings do not expand and contract with temperature changes as silver amalgam fillings can, ensuring a proper seal to keep bacteria out from inside of the tooth’s canals. This can result in an infection and require further treatment if it occurs.

How long do composite fillings last?

When placed by a professional such as Dr. Mark A. Wong, patients will enjoy their composite fillings for many, many years. We educate patients on how to properly care for their restorations and natural teeth to avoid the development of cavities and periodontal disease whenever possible. This proper care can also extend the longevity of restorations such as composite resin fillings.

Does getting a cavity filled hurt?

Dr. Mark A. Wong and his team want to ensure every patient is comfortable and pain-free during their visit, so we work with patients to provide proper anesthetics and sedation for appointments such as this. We invite patients to be open and honest about any dental anxieties that they may have so we can assist!

Call Dr. Mark A. Wong in Walnut Creek, California to discuss the use of composite resin fillings

Cavities should never go untreated, as they can become larger, deeper, and more problematic without the placement of fillings. Call our practice today to book an evaluation to determine if you are a good fit for composite resin fillings. We are located at 3075 Citrus Circle, Suite 204, Walnut Creek, CA and can be reached at (925) 678-5600.

Tooth colored fillings - Dr. Mark Wong

Tooth colored fillings – Dr. Mark Wong

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