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Apr 15

Going to the dentist can be difficult for many. If the thought of visiting a dentist makes you feel panicky, we can help you calm your nerves with sedation dentistry. Mark A. Wong, DDS Family Dentistry of Walnut Creek, California, offers nitrous oxide and oral sedation to help improve your dental experience. Whether you have […]

Apr 15

Thank you for considering Mark A. Wong, DDS Family Dentistry, as your preferred dental office near you in Walnut Creek, California. We are happy to have this opportunity to help you and your family achieve healthy, beautiful smiles. Our dentist, Dr. Mark Wong, and the team treat all patients like family. So, you can expect […]

Apr 15

When you have a cavity or minor tooth damage, Mark A. Wong, DDS Family Dentistry, repairs your smile with composite fillings. Unlike amalgam fillings used in the past, composite fillings are natural-looking, restoring your smile without distracting your smile. Enjoy the realistic appearance of non-metal fillings by scheduling an appointment near you in Walnut Creek, […]

Feb 26

Dental trauma can cause extensive mouth injuries. If you’re experiencing painful symptoms after an accident, don’t hesitate to contact your dentist. At the office of Mark A. Wong, DDS Family Dentistry, we offer emergency dental treatments to provide immediate tooth pain relief. Dental emergencies must be handled quickly to avoid further damage to your teeth. […]

Feb 26

Missing teeth can change your life dramatically. The more teeth you lose, the greater the impact on your smile, oral health, and functionality. The good news is that you don’t have to live with missing teeth permanently. You can replace lost teeth with implants and restore your quality of life. Are dental implants painful? No, […]

Feb 26

Teeth whitening is one of the best ways to brighten a dull smile. Through professional teeth whitening, we can rid your smile of unsightly food stains and discolorations that diminish its attractive appearance. If you prefer a gradual whitening process to in-office treatment, we can provide a customized whitening kit to give your smile a […]

Jun 28

Imagine the possibility of restoring your damaged or esthetically unappealing tooth in one day! With CEREC dentistry, this is now a reality. Thanks to 3D imaging and CAD/CAM technology, dental offices like Mark A. Wong, DDS Family Dentistry, can prepare, fabricate, and place your crowns in one visit! If you are in Walnut Creek, California, […]

Mar 22

Do you have alignment issues with your teeth? If so, you probably know plenty of treatment options are available, including teeth correction braces. However, did you know there are invisible ways to straighten teeth in Walnut Creek, California? At Mark A. Wong, DDS Family Dentistry, we are happy to discuss all treatment options, including the […]

Feb 17

Dental sedation is one way to make dental work easier on the patient. Maybe they are anxious and need to be relaxed. Or the patient may have an appointment that involves particularly long or multiple procedures that make sitting in the chair for a long time uncomfortable. Whatever the case, Dr. Mark Wong at Mark […]

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