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Infection, abscesses, and other problems can impact the inner portion of the tooth, causing patients extreme pain and discomfort. This is because the nerves of the teeth are housed inside the inner canals within a mass of tissues called the dental pulp. A large, deep cavity or other problem that impacts this area will often require the assistance of a dentist to address. In most cases, root canal therapy, or “endodontic therapy,” can be performed to save the tooth from extraction. Dr. Mark A. Wong is pleased to provide this procedure, along with other procedures, to maintain a patient’s natural smile whenever possible.

What is endodontic therapy?

Endodontic therapy is a specialized procedure in which a dentist will create an access point into the inner canals of the teeth through a small hole. Then, instruments are used to remove the dental pulp, which in turn eliminates the nerves and blood supply to the tooth. Doing this deadens the tooth while allowing it to remain in the smile. The inner areas are then filled with a material called gutta percha and sealed with composite resin. In many cases, Dr. Mark A. Wong may also prepare the tooth for the placement of a dental crown, as the tooth can become weak and brittle. The dental crown serves as another layer of protection against damage that allows the tooth to stay.

What alternative treatments are available?

Root canal therapy is the only procedure that can be used to save a tooth from extraction. If the procedure fails, the tooth will need to be removed and replaced with a denture, bridge, or dental implant. Dr. Mark A. Wong will evaluate a patient to determine what treatment options are available to them.

Are you in need of endodontic therapy?

Root canals are often necessary to save a smile. Let Dr. Mark A. Wong of Walnut Creek, California provide you with the care you need to maintain a beautiful smile after damage or infection. Call (925) 678-5600 to schedule an evaluation with his team at 3075 Citrus Circle, Suite 204. His facility is open to new and established patients seeking quality care with an experienced dentist in the community.

Root Canals

Root Canals

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